Engagement and Leadership

Clemens Rettich has an article on the LifeHack site that discusses engagement and leadership in the workplace:

You Want Engagement? Then Start Being Clear! – Stepcase Lifehack.

His ideas about emotional connection to the organization, discretionary effort, and the role of leadership in creating clarity, hope, and commitment are not difficult to translate from the workplace into the higher education classroom — at least in theory.  Of course, theory and practice are the same in theory, but they differ in practice.

How would we assess and improve the quality of leadership that faculty are giving students in and out of the classroom?

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2 Responses to “Engagement and Leadership”

  1. Three Principles « Joshua.edu Says:

    […] Joshua.edu thinking about Higher Education online « Engagement and Leadership […]

  2. Nils Peterson Says:

    Expeditionary Learning uses the phrase “We are crew, not passengers.” and refers to teachers as “crew leaders.” I think this aligns with your ideas that learning leadership is a description for the behaviors we want in teachers.

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