Three Principles

I have been thinking about the principles that underlie the efforts for improvement in higher education that I and my colleagues share.  Though the ramifications are many, I think three principles capture the heart of our hopes.

Everyone a Learner:  First, let’s be clear that education is not two separate process, teaching and learning.  The chief difference between the educational roles of instructors and students is that instructors have a responsibility to provide leadership;  but the fundamental cycle of learning is relevant to all roles.

Engagement:  Let’s work to ensure that everyone is authentically engaged in the learning process.  Working to rule, going through the motions, and unconsidered reliance on conventional roles are behaviors that suck the value from educational activities and threaten the well-being of educational communities.

Continuous Improvement:  Finally, let’s commit to the full cyclic process of improvement:  identifying goals, developing assessments, designing practices, performing, assessing, and creating an action plan for improvement.  As we attend to every phase of this cycle, our efforts become investments that we can share and leverage.

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