Can Online Peer Assessment Be Trusted?


At a cursory reading, the study seems to support the use of peer assessment without the traditional worries about validity.  However, the situation of the experiment suggests the use of peer assessment to reinforce the prevalence of summative assessment and narrow instruments, since in those contexts, teacher workload can be offloaded onto students.

This study specifically targets summative assessments with the aim of reducing teacher workload.  Though learning benefits are suggested, they are not hypothesized or tested.  Also, the study focuses on high-reliability instruments (that is to say, tests that meet certain statistical criteria) — no portfolios (or even prose) need apply.

The assertion that online peer assessment can be “trusted” (in certain circumstances) to have the same results as teacher assessment could be beneficial in starting to open up the assessment community involved in particular phases of higher education, but the study itself could be counterproductive in the overall struggle to make multi-dimensional assessment and closing the loop part of everyday teaching and learning practice.

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